Current Projects

Private Development and Redevelopment

Grist provides civil engineering design to support private development and redevelopment projects. Our unique experience with the PWD Stormwater Regulations enables us to provide complete, quality engineering designs on tight schedules and competitive budgets. Our current work includes:

  • Wanamaker Plaza, E. Penn Square, Philadelphia: Plaza Design, Stormwater Exemption, Streets Permitting
  • 7350 Ridge Ave., Philadelphia: Site Plan, Grading and Drainage, Stormwater Exemption
  • WPRE V and WPRE VI, West Philadelphia Affordable Housing: Utility Plans, Stormwater Exemption, Streets Permitting
  • Penn Alexander School, 4209 Spruce St., Philadelphia: Erosion and Sediment Controls, Stormwater Exemption

Public Sector Green Infrastructure

Grist provides GSI engineering design to support PWD's Green City, Clean Waters program. Grist currently serves as a consultant on several PWD Green Stormwater Infrastructure Design contracts. Current projects include:

  • Haddington Woods Rain Gardens, West Philadelphia: Rain Gardens and Infiltration Trenches

PWD Stormwater Management Incentives Program (SMIP)

Grist provides engineering design and grant management to take a stormwater improvement project from idea to completion. Grist can apply for the grant, complete the design, manage the construction, and support a reduction in the property's water bill stormwater charge, once construction is complete. Current projects include:

  • 1123 Lombard St., Philadelphia: Retrofit of existing parking lot to manage stormwater runoff


Rebuilding Community Infrastructure (Rebuild) is Philadelphia's ambitious plan to improve neighborhood parks, recreation centers, and libraries. Current work includes:

  • Cherashore Playground, 851 W. Olney Ave., Philadelphia: Site Plan, Stormwater Retrofits for major improvements to site
  • On-call contract